TorrX Smart Ball Pump

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Used by PROFESSIONAL, COLLEGE AND YOUTH sports programs around the world.

Automatic, Electric, Hand held pump that inflates and deflates Sports Balls (Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Water Polo, Handball, etc.)

Take the guessing out of your game.

Accurate and easy to use, the TorrX smart ball pump inflates or deflates each ball to the desired pressure. No more squeezing, spiking, bouncing, or guessing. You know the ball pressure is perfect every time.

Easy to use, reliable, durable and accurate. By design, the TorrX Smart Ball Pump eliminates the reasons why needles break and revolutionizes how players, coaches, and referees engage with one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game – the ball. 

Learn more about how it works.

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The TorrX Smart Ball Pump is covered by US Patent numbers D834,620 and 10,173,483