Meet the TorrX

TorrX is used by PROFESSIONAL, COLLEGE AND YOUTH sports programs around the world. TorrX is reliable, durable and accurate. By design, the TorrX Smart Ball Pump eliminates the reasons why needles break and revolutionizes how players, coaches, and referees engage with one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game – the ball. It has never been so convenient to measure and achieve exact ball pressure, freeing everyone to focus on the game.

  • AUTO and MANUAL modes

    In AUTO MODE TorrX will automatically inflate or deflate to your desired Target Pressure from 0 to 15 PSI.  The digital gauge is accurate to .1 PSI. You can rest assured that the game ball is perfect and that you can focus on the game!

  • RECHARGEABLE lithium-ion battery

    TopUp more than 50 soccer balls, 150 volleyballs on a single charge. The Micro-USB charging cable included. 

  • Easy and convenient for ALL SPORTS BALLS

    Soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, water polo, Aussie-rules football, handball, etc... The TorrX is portable and lightweight.  It easily stores safely in a backpack, glovebox, ball bag, or equipment kit.  The TorrX's basic design and protective cap prevents needle breakage.  

TorrX Smart Ball Pump

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